"Creativity against COVID-19" Young Creative Artists Contest Winner Announcement

We want to send a big thank you to all of the participants, parents and volunteers who have contributed so much to the success of our contest! Many thanks to our judges for your great work and valuable time on reviewing and rating 117 pieces of artwork submitted by our participants! It took a lot of time and effort! Thank you to everyone for making this contest a great success! 

And a special congratulations to 9 year-old Justin Koo (Castlebay Lane Charter, CA), the winner of the $1,500 Grand Prize and the most talented young creative artist in our contest! His video received the highest score from our judges.

Congratulations to the following 8 winners of the $500 Second Prize:

Kevin Lou, 14, click here to view the artwork 

Vanessa Lin, 7, click here to view the artwork 

Anda Xie, 12, click here to view the artwork

Ziyao Zhuo, 16, click here to view the artwork

Rachel Liang, 17, click here to view the artwork

Justin Goh, 16, click here to view the artwork

Adam Yeung, 18, click here to view the artwork

Prudence Peng, 8, click here to view the artwork

By Kevin Lou, 14, Kent Denver School, CO

Our congratulations also to the following 16 winners of the $250 Third Prize:

Peter Yu, 11, click here to view the artwork

Danielle Riss, 15, click here to view the artwork

Winston Lin, 11, click here to view the artwork

Teamwork of Mandarin Playground, 6, click here to view the artwork

Sabrinna Yeh, 14, click here to view the artwork

Yian Shao, 14, click here to view the artwork

Emily Zhao, 16, click here to view the artwork

ANNA WANG, 17, click here to view the artwork

Richard Geng, 13, click here to view the artwork

Huixi Wang, 16, click here to view the artwork

Jessica Zhao, 17, click here to view the artwork

Alice Yu, 16, click here to view the artwork

Biyi(Chloe) Shi, 16, click here to view the artwork

Linda Xu, 8, click here to view the artwork

Kelly Cheng, 11, click here to view the artwork

Alicia Li, 14, click here to view the artwork

By Linda Xu, 8, Legacy Christian Academy, CA

Two teams won our Best Teamwork Prize. They are:

Teamwork of Mandarin Playground, click here to view the artwork

Teamwork of Youth online TV, click here to view the artwork

Congratulations to our Best Teamwork Prize winners!

60 young artists won "My Favorite" Prize. Each of them will receive a $100 Amazon gift card. They are (names are listed by Entry No.):

Madison Liu, 13

Crystal, 11

Paris(Xiao Fei) Ma, 15

Keyun Xiao, 13

Gordon Xu, 16

Sunny Cong, 14

Jiachen Nan, 10

Tanuj Samaddar , 15

Christy Chong, 8

Alicia Wei, 6

Victoria wang, 7

Eric Ji, 15

Eric Yeung, 11

Heidi Zhang, 10

Eli Xie, 11

Ethan Mincan Chen, 7

Elina Tsai, 10

Tianhui Ye, 14

Zarah Yang, 6

Charlotte Yang, 8

Sophia Xiong, 12

Hilary Guo, 11

Teddy, 13

Michelle Rosenfeld, 13

Elina  Chen, 9

Grant Zhou, 16

Lori Zhou, 11

Zoe Sun, 10

Grace Matsuoka, 14

Eddie Sun, 8

Yimo Yuan, 10

Yajia Zhou, 15

Lorena K. Tan, 11

Rachel Jin, 16

Claireen Cheng, 11

Benjamin Sun, 13

Irene Li, 13

Albert Wang, 9

Emilio Carr, 9

Eva Kuo, 13

Jun Tian, 14

Qiuzi Feng, 17

Alinah Liu, 14

Sean Kyle Oey, 10

Brian Li, 6

Selena Zhang, 15

Audrey Zhou, 10

Sarah Wu, 16

Richard Carey , 6

Vera Sun, 15

Claire Li, 15

Angie Li, 10

Ellen Mu, 8

Sophie Wu, 8

Loyan Gould, 15

Enchi Kuo, 6

Eileen Guo, 16

Alicia Du, 16

Kyla Zhang, 14

Jillian Zhang Kniep, 9

By Jillian Zhang Kniep, 9, Denver Chinese School, CO

By Enchi Kuo, 6, Community Elementary School, WA

Our volunteers are working hard to put together the prize certificates, checks and gift cards and will mail them to our winners soon. Our prize winning young artists should expect to receive their envelopes in the next 3 weeks. All participants of the contest will receive participation certificates. The top 3 prize winners will have the opportunity to present their artwork during the next United Chinese Americans (UCA) Convention. An online award ceremony is scheduled to be a part of the CESASC 58th Annual Convention at 3pm Pacific Time on Aug. 29, 2020 (Sat). 

Please visit our official site for more information about the winners, prizes and rules:


The purpose of this contest is to encourage K-12 students in America to learn and share essential knowledge about COVID-19 such as how we can protect individuals and their family members from being infected by coronavirus. Our young artists were very creative in producing COVID-19 educational content using digital media and in promoting this content on social media. We are very satisfied, grateful and proud of the work from our young artists! As you may have seen, many of them are very impressive! 

All artwork from the young artists who entered the contest can be found on the following page:


We gratefully thank our sponsors and partners for their generous support. They are: Himalaya Capital, Chinese CEO Organization, C2 Education, Chinese University of Alumni Association Alliance of Southern California, Peking University Alumni Association of Washington State, Asian Culture and Education Society USA, Mandarin Playground, Chinesedaily.com, Huarenone.com, UCA-BMXSJ and NewsAgencyAmerica.com.

For more information about the contest, please contact us by email: tracyuca@gmail.com.

Gene Chang, Ping Zhou and Yong Zhou

The "Creativity against COVID-19" Young Creative Artist Contest Committee

Advisory committee: 
Lily Lee Chen, former Mayor of Monterey Park, CA
Dr. Cun-Yu Wang, Member, National Academy of Medicine
Haipei Shue, President, UCA
Dr. Hui Su, Chairwoman of the Board, CESASC
Joy Chen, former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, CA 
Xiaodong Zeng, former Managing Director of Z-Park & World Bank officer.
Mingdi Yang, Founder of Xiaoduo & Publisher of Front Vision
Hei Feng, Chinese American artist
Steve Chiang, Publisher of Chinese Daily Newspaper.
Yue Rong, Chairman of the Board, CUAAASC
Liam Li, Managing Director of Himalaya Capital
Joey Zhou, Chief Editor of UCA-BMXSJ
Jing Yang, President of NewsAgencyAmerica

Winner selection committee: 
Lily Lee Chen陈李婉若、Dr. Cun-Yu Wang王存玉院士、Haipei Shue薛海培、Joy Chen陈愉、Xiaodong Zeng曾晓东、Mingdi Yang杨鸣镝、Hei Feng黑峰、Steve Chiang江启光、Yue Rong容跃、Liam Li李黎、Ying Zhan战颖、Jun Sun孙军、Tao Jiang姜涛、Sun Liu刘隼、Xi Zhang张西、Dr. Helen Shih施慧伦、Lily Chen陈健、Jian Ruan阮健、Dr. Jingyi Xi席静怡


Disclaimer and Copyright © 2020 United Chinese Americans

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