Sponsorship Packages of "Creativity against COVID-19" Young Creative Artists Contest

Thank You to Our Sponsors! 

Diamond Sponsor: Himalaya Capital

Participants of the contest: any American K-12 students age from 6 to 18. Team is encouraged.

The purpose of the competition: to encourage youth in America to learn and share the essential knowledge about COVID-19 and how to protect individuals and their family members from infection of coronavirus.  Participants should post their work on social media to generate viewership. Popularity (viewership) of the artwork on social media will be considered in winner selection.

Artwork requirements: artwork must be in the forms of picture, video, animation or other multi-media format with a story based on the content from “COVID-19: Tracy’s Guide for Families”. It should be posted online and is viewable to the public. Participants should submit the URL of the artwork online by the end of June 30, 2020 (Tuesday) at: https://forms.gle/4H1NJbcYWUNv5pGe9.

Advisory committee: 
Lily Lee Chen, former Mayor of Monterey Park, CA
Dr. Cun-Yu Wang, Member, Institute of Medicine of National Academies
Haipei Shue, President, UCA
Dr. Hui Su, Chairwoman of the Board, CESASC
Joy Chen, former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, CA 
Xiaodong Zeng, former Managing Director of Z-Park & World Bank officer.
Mingdi Yang, Founder of Xiaoduo & Publisher of Front Vision
Hei Feng, Chinese American artist
Steve Chiang, Publisher of Chinese Daily Newspaper.
Yue Rong, Chairman of the Board, CUAAASC
Liam Li, Managing Director of Himalaya Capital
Joey Zhou, Chief Editor of UCA-BMXSJ
Jing Yang, President of NewsAgencyAmerica

Winner selection committee: 
Lily Lee Chen陈李婉若、Dr. Cun-Yu Wang王存玉院士、Haipei Shue薛海培、Joy Chen陈愉、Xiaodong Zeng曾晓东、Mingdi Yang杨鸣镝、Hei Feng黑峰、Steve Chiang江启光、Yue Rong容跃、Liam Li李黎、Ying Zhan战颖、Jun Sun孙军、Tao Jiang姜涛、Sun Liu刘隼、Xi Zhang张西、Dr. Helen Shih施慧伦、Lily Chen陈健、Jian Ruan阮健、Dr. Jingyi Xi席静怡


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